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We handcraft our entire line of skincare products using natural healing plants people have cultivated for centuries. Shire Skincare believes that the Earth provides us with all the natural resources we need to nourish, heal and repair our skin. That's why we never use harsh detergents, fragrances or dyes.

What ingredients do we use?

We use natural plant, seed and fruit extracts together in our formulas to ensure highly effective results for glowing skin without the irritation.


To ensure the highest quality and sustainability, we use ECOCERT, Organic, Non-GMO and natural alternatives to typical synthetic ingredients.

How do we formulate?

We rely on traditional plant wisdom and holistic knowledge to make effective botanical products. Our favorite ingredients have been proven safe to use. What we put on our skin can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Shire Skincare never uses harsh chemicals for this reason.

Why go natural?

Many of us live with sensitive skin and don't even know it! By using only natural botanical skincare products you can look and feel your best - while protecting our Earth.

Why use handmade American skincare?

Most store bought skincare is made cheaply in China and has been sitting on a shelf for a long time. Shire's handmade small batches allow us to deliver super fresh, high quality products made right here in America.

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